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Exploring the North Shore Community

We would like to take you on a tour of your dynamic, soon-to-be neighbourhood on Kamloops’ North Shore. Thompson Landing on Royal sits on a precious hidden gem at the core of B.C.’s Southern Interior, where the South Thompson and the North Thompson rivers meet. The friendly and welcoming community is home to many Kamloopsians, where neighbours enjoy an endless list of places to explore!

Credit: Radio NL

As you enter North Kamloops, the 40-kilometre Rivers Trail branches into two riverfront trail sections, perfect for scenic running, walking, biking, or just sitting and taking in the views! You'll find everything you need on the North Shore from vibrant restaurants to marvellous outdoor spaces, boutique shops, and medical centres.

Located at 209 Royal Avenue, Thompson Landing on Royal is just a 20-minute walk to McArthur Island Park and a 10-minute walk to McDonald Park, two beautifully maintained parks! Whether you're organizing a family picnic or watching a Saturday afternoon baseball game, the parks are must-visit spots.

Credit: City of Kamloops

Future residents of Thompson Landing on Royal will be within walking distance of the North Shore’s Tranquille Market Corridor, a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly commercial hub. Here, the community enjoys a mix of shops and restaurants surrounded by emerging new businesses like the Ice Cream Social, Kamloops Art Party, The Stir, Sound Society, and Wild Birds Unlimited, to name a few.

When it comes to a pleasant dining experience, the North Shore never disappoints. Enjoy an eclectic array of options at Red Beard Cafe, Sandbar Grill, Hacienda Cielito Lindo or a mix of mouthwatering dishes with unique craft beers at Bright Eye Brewing. If you are undecided or want to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, visit the Yew Street Food Hall at 107 Yew Street and choose from a collection of nine different food stalls in the convenience of one location.

The North Shore of Kamloops is an outdoor lover’s dream! Nature enthusiasts can enjoy outdoor activities suited for every season, such as fishing, kayaking, birdwatching, bike riding, rollerblading, or wildlife viewing. Visit one of the 200+ lakes in the area before returning to your sophisticated, premier waterfront home!

Credit: North Shore Business Improvement Association

No matter where you go to explore, living at Thompson Landing on Royal on Kamloops’ North Shore will put you right in the middle of a positive community that welcomes you with a friendly smile. As part of the North Shore Business Improvement Association and neighbourhood community, Patti Phillips is an active member and voice; noting “I have been involved in our community, neighbourhoods and businesses for over five years. There is such a feeling of helping out your neighbour and loyalty in our very diverse and rich community! There are many new positive changes happening in the North Shore for the near future, and the community at large will be pleasantly surprised!”


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