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Thompson Landing on Royal's Ascent

Driving up Summit Drive or crossing Overlanders Bridge, you might be surprised to see Thompson Landing on Royal prominently shaping the Kamloops skyline. The exceptional weather has exponentially accelerated the project, which leapt a month ahead of schedule. 


All four floors of Royal Two are now framed, and the roofers will get to work before the end of the month. The shower, tub kit, and window delivery and installation will also begin in March.

 Site supervisor Dan Norris is upbeat and quick to share his satisfaction, stating, "Compared to other builds I have worked on, both materials and trades are extremely high-quality on this project."


Having managed construction on the Lower Mainland, northern and southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northern BC, his opinion carries some weight. "Kamloops trades, Right Way Forming, On Point Construction, Casman Developments Ltd., NextGen Electrical, and Westway Plumbing and Heating know their stuff. Their pride in their work is obvious, and their craftmanship stands out," confirms Dan.


With framing complete, Dan is quick to flaunt the stunning fourth-floor roof deck. The charming views of the Thompson River hint at what future residents will enjoy as each deluxe fourth-floor suites connects to a private partitioned patio. Notably, three fourth-floor suites will have front and rear balconies, and unit D3 is still available!


Equally impressive is the progress at Royal One. With the concrete poured for the main floor lobby and ten days of framing complete, Royal One's footprint is much more substantial.

Royal One – 207 Royal Ave

"This will be the only stick-framed floor. Floors two through five will be prefabricated by a Kamloops manufacturer and delivered by crane," explains Dan.


The advantage of prefabrication is apparent when comparing timelines. Each prefabricated floor can be completed in three days, while stick-framing can take up to two weeks from floor to walls, significantly impacting the plumbers and electricians' access. Amazingly, Dan projects that Royal Two is a mere 45 days from being complete from the parkade to the roof. 


Amid so much progress, standing in the centre of the plaza Royal One and Royal Two will share, it becomes increasingly clear how, for future residents, this development will feel like a micro-community within Kamloops' broader embrace. 

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