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A New Culinary Addition to the Thompson Landing Neighbourhood

On September 8, 2022, the North Shore community welcomed the Yew Street Food Hall to the neighbourhood. A new culinary experience in Kamloops inspired by the popular, worldwide concept of food halls where guests enjoy a collection of incredible food from multiple vendors under one roof.

In 2020, the Yew Street Food Hall concept was first introduced to the public by ARPA Investments (ARPA) as an opportunity to bring the global phenomenon of food halls to Kamloops. ARPA is thrilled to have the experience and expertise of Steve and Jeff Mitton on the team as Operating Partners.

Yew Street Food Hall, located at 107 Yew Street.

The concept introduces a collection of locally-owned, and usually family run food provides vendors who provide exceptionally diverse menus, in a licensed space. At full capacity, the food hall provides seating for 222 diners, where guests can enjoy the creations of Mittz. Co as the anchor restaurant; and a selection of vendors like Duck Duck Pork, Veggie Bomb, Taco Rojos, and Inferno Pizza Co., among others.

The collaborative space is managed by brothers Jeff and Steve Mitton, who possess combined experience of over 50 years in the hospitality industry. Jeff and Steve are well known for owning and operating Mittz Kitchen, an upscale dining experience in Downtown Kamloops and Twisted Steak, which is relocating from Aberdeen to the Downtown core. The Mitton brothers are confident that their knowledge and expertise will make the Yew Street Food Hall a staple in the community.

Along with the food hall, the community has also; welcomed Harvest Moon Bakery, owned by Nicholas Driver and Christy Carnegie. The bakery specializes in artisan breads and pastries, a much-needed addition expressed by community members.

The Yew Street Food Hall is one of the many places adding to the vibrancy of Kamloops’ North Shore. The neighbourhood continues to experience rapid real estate growth, an increase in infrastructure construction projects, plus new or renovated office and commercial space.

The future looks bright for the North Shore community as the City of Kamloops is in full swing to implement a long-term strategy to transform the neighbourhood to be more inclusive, dynamic and complete. The newly adopted plan addresses the redevelopment of the area, like the Tranquille Corridor, which has become a catalyst for new businesses.

We know that the search for an ideal home is so much more than what’s within the four walls. It is about finding a neighbourhood that matches your lifestyle and needs. There are plenty of factors that contribute to the North Shore's exciting potential, so make plans to be a part of the excitement.

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